Midnight Munchers

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I thought I should put up a post regarding this post from this vacation..
About the bed bugs..
My friend Amy informed me that all my friends in real life and web life probably think disgusting things about us. (assuming people actually read this)
She said it nicely though. She's a good friend. :)

We don't have them! Wahoo!! I just didn't want anyone out there thinking we were nasty little bed bug transports and out there sharing them with the public.
Instead, we had other fun little critters munching on our deliciously sweet bodies! I don't know what exactly but our good friends at Guardian Pest Control assured us they would put an end to the midnight snacking.

We are sleeping soundly and waking up bug bite free nowadays.

1 Wisecracks:

Alisha said...

It's an epidemic around the whole country right now. I'm glad you don't have them!