Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Clint has been looking forward to tonight for about 2 weeks! Him and his brother went to see Play! a Video Game Symphony up in Salt Lake. They play music from a ton of different video games and since they both grew up with every gaming system known to man, they knew almost all the songs. NERDS. :)

Earlier today, Clint and I were trying to plan for the evening and he was worried about the dress code. He jumped on the website and it said "costumes welcome" which then spurred a 2 hour search through the DI, Savers, and Harbor Freight for items to create the perfect Mario/Luigi costumes. It was SO FUN. The costume planning, I mean... I didn't go to the concert. I'm not a nerd. :) I made their black mustaches, yellow buttons, and hat logos from cardstock I had laying around the house. They said only a few others were there in costumes and a few people even asked to take their pictures with them! HAAA!!! They are so funny!!

Apparently Mario traded Yoshi in for a Civic..

Poor Darbi was so afraid of him!

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Becky Bean said...

That last picture is hilarious. Great costumes!

sue said...

Poor Darbi...someday she will be on a therapist's couch relating this incident! Loved it anyway!!!
Aunt Sue

Megan B said...

WOW. Wow. Really. Wow. LOL!!!

Alison said...



Craig, Blair and Turbo Skousen said...

Those are so AWESOME!!!!

Poor little Darbi! She looks so scared!

Suzanne said...

Ummm, we went, too. I totally saw them there. I totally didn't recognize your hubby.


But I giggled at him. =)