Eyes & Ears

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Today Darbi had another doctor's appointment with the eye doctor to check the progression of her ROP. I am pleased to say that he doesn't want to see her anymore!! He cleared her which means we are into Zone 3 on both eyes which means we are in. the. clear. for not needing surgery!!! We are so excited! The procedure for checking her eyes is so harsh and she screams through the whole thing so I'm happy she won't have to go through that anymore!

We also had her 3rd hearing check on her ears at the hospital today. Unfortunately, she failed again. :( BUT the good news is- she is failing because of the fluid in her ears and that is all. We have another appointment to check in one month and if she fails again, we may consider tubes so we can drain the fluid. Once the fluid is gone, there still could be some permanent damage (so I am told..) so we don't know for sure how well she will be able to hear. I think she'll be fine though. Clint can't hear that well sometimes so maybe it's in her genes. ;)

3 Wisecracks:

Audrey said...

Best news ever!!! YAY!!! And, I am the first to comment. And, you should check your email soon. I'm about to write you one. :)

Nic and Ashley Haws said...

Sounds like Darbi is proving them wrong, right and left! That a girl Darbi!!!!! Wahoo!

Is Darbi still enjoying the Nap Nanny or was it just a honeymoon phase?

Megan B said...

Keeping fingers crossed that the fluid clears out and all is well!