My New Best Friend

Monday, June 1, 2009

I don't want to jinx it BUT... this is my new best friend. I laid Darbi in it and 5 minutes later.. SHE WAS ASLEEP! For the last two nights, she's been screaming her head off ALL NIGHT because of gassiness. It's been rough and I'm running out of ideas. A super awesome friend of mine let me borrow this and I'm already sold! She's been out for about 30 minutes now. Here's hoping for a good nights' sleep! :)

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The Lewis Family said...

The nap nanny rocks, since it is like the carseat sensation, but not the bulky crap of the carseat :)
Glad to see it is working out for you guys :) Sleep is a grand thing. It is worth it's time in gold, if not platinum :)