Holy 8 pound baby Batman!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

We had another dr. appointment today! She is "Below the 3rd Percentile" on EVERYTHING! My doctor doesn't have a "preemie adjusted" growth chart so I don't really know where she's at. She weighs 7 pounds 15 ounces! Yes, the title came from Clint today. :) We are consistently gaining about a 1/2 pound a week! She also had 2 shots today :( and is currently asleep on my chest sweating out a fever. :( She's so sad. We have been moved from 1/8 liter of oxygen to 1/16 and if she does well, we will move to 1/32 in a month and from there we start working her OFF OF IT!! She's coming off of the oxygen much faster that I anticipated.

Oh.. and another thing.. SHE HASN'T POOPED IN A WEEK!! After going 24 hours without a BM I was freaking out and calling the doctor. They said to wait a few days, see what happens, and at my appointment we would talk about it if it was still a problem. The doctor wasn't worried though! He poked her a bunch and said there is "no sack of potatoes" in there and she's fine! The longest he's seen a baby go without stooling is 25 days!! I can't imagine! Thinking about that gives me a cold sweat! YIKES! She has been super gassy though.. it fools me everytime. I'm SURE I'm about to change a beastie but she's a little tease! :)

As of the last post, as you have seen, she has started to smile! It takes a lot to get her to smile for you but they are 100% real and I LOVE them! The cooing kind of started Tuesday. I haven't heard her much since but she's experimenting. Maybe the fluid in her ears is draining and she can hear herself.

I still need to get a picture of it.. but I'm thinking... her eyes... are turning... brown.

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chadandrach said...

Sweet stuff guys! We love hearing how everything's going with Darbi. And oh yeah, we miss mi ranchito...thanks for the introduction!! :)

, said...

She is so sweet!! Thats to bad that she hasnt pooped yet in a week. Sometimes massaging the belly helps!! She looks like she is a really good baby!

Megan B said...

Has she pooped yet? I bet it's a doozy when it comes! Good luck!