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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Today I met with my Kids On The Move rep to see if Darbi qualified to be a part of their program. They are an Early Intervention program and basically, what they do is come out, however often I want (I think) and help with any developmental delays that Darbi may have. Ellen from Hawaii was our rep and she was so nice! When she called me yesterday to set up an appointment, she was asking questions about Darbi to get ready to come see her. The more I told her, the move excited she was to come see her! The earliest baby she had been out to see was a 26 weeker and she could no believe how well (according to me) Darbi was doing! Long story short, Darbi is doing so well... that she doesn't even qualify to be a part of the Kids On The Move program!! Can you believe it?!

She did this survey thing and scored it and Darbi needed to be scored as Severe-Moderately Disabled in order to qualify and she only scored Mildly Disabled in 2 of the sections! It's because she's smiling a little bit later than the average baby and also she's not as aware of her surroundings as most babies her age are. I am supposed to call and let them know if she fails her 4th hearing test in a few weeks though. If that be the case, we might then qualify to be a part of the program. We'll see.

We do qualify for another program called Welcome Baby. They are kind of the same thing but they don't deal with severely disable kids. Just the high risk babies that need watching out for. If Darbi does start to slow down developmentally, then we go right over to Kids On The Move but at least she has been monitored the entire way.

This little girl just keeps blowing us away! I love her!!

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Apocalypso aka Daphne said...

That's great news! I used to nanny a little girl with Jobert's (spelling?) syndrome who had a music therapist, occupational therapist and a speech therapist come to see her every week. She was so cute during her sessions and made what seemed like good progress while I was there.

Good Luck!


Carly Lynne Peterson said...

Darbi looks so fantastic. I am so glad to hear that she is doing so well!! I knew she would. She was an amazing trooper through everything and boy does she have a fantastic smile!!!!