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Sunday, December 6, 2009

I'M HERE! And it's not cold and I'm loving it!! An hour after we pulled out of Provo, it started snowing and apparently a big storm is supposed to move in Monday or Tuesday! I am a lucky girl! Clint can get his love for the cold and snowy weather out of his system before he comes down to experience an Arizona Christmas. Which is awesome. If you get a bike for Christmas, you can actually ride it! None of this silly I-got-a-sled-for-Christmas-and-can-only-use-it-for-2-months-out-of-a-year nonsense!

How sweet is this?? Clint was sayin' his see-ya-laters. He is going to miss the heck out of us. I already miss him. Only 9 more days!

It's been a rough first couple of hours for Darbi. We are noticing that she is very sensitive to her surroundings and anytime I am out of sight (when she is in a good mood) or not holding her (when she is in a bad mood) she is frantic. It will take a few days of adjusting but thankfully, we've got a few days to spare since I'll be here a while! Here's hoping to a good nights sleep for the little one and a fun day of learning her new surroundings tomorrow.

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jill said...

Hi Audrey, you have no idea who I am (highschool friends with Danielle wooton) but I have been following your blog ever since I happened upon it about 6 months ago, but don't worry, not in a creepy stalkerish way:) I just had to tell you I think your little family is DARLING...that Darbi is so precious!!

Also, we are hoping to get a job in phoenix in the next couple of months, if you have any good insights about housing, places to avoid, or anything like that I would love to hear back from you...are you from there originally? or is this a new move for you to?


melbhaber said...

I am jealous. We had our first snow on Saturday and this morning my car was covered in ice. I'm ready to move to a warmer climate and it's only the first week in December!

Becky Bean said...

Yeah, you got outa Dodge just in time! Also, that's a way cute picture, and I love that Clint is "going to miss the heck out of you!" You're hilarious, and I will be stealing that phrase.

We miss you too! Have Fun!

Megan B said...

We took Kinley to school in the dog sled this morning.

Bree :--) said...

You're here!! YAY! It's sooo nice. It's funny how fast I acclimated to the warmer winter. It's raining today, and it's COLD! HA. Did you seriously drive with just Darbi all the way here?!?! You are my hero, I don't think I could do it.

Benjamin & Shanae Lee said...

I do remember you from AZ! How are you doing? Your little girl is so cute! She was so small. Did you have here way early? I thought Debra told us about your baby, but I am not sure if that was you. We will be in AZ on the 23rd of this month. I can't wait to go back to the warm weather too! I tried to get Ben to move back, but he won't. Glad to see your family is doing well. Have a great Christmas!

Apocalypso aka Daphne said...

Audrey Periwinkle! I'm guessing you're busy with family and a cold-having-baby, but if you find yourself with a few empty hours and want to hang out/grab a bite/insult me in person, call me.

I work m-f 9-5. Other than that, free as a bird.

your friend,

Cormac McCarthy