Dinner with my Friend-O

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Clint, D, and I went to dinner with my supa friend Daphne! She is all things good in an awesome friend! She is hilarious. She gets annoyed at all the same things I do. She is from AZ and best of all... she LOVES DP!! The first day we worked together at Pebbles we bonded over those very things. I'm sad we can't hang out as often but man I love this girl!! And yes Goffy, we talked about you. :) Daphne says hi and she misses you!

2 Wisecracks:

Audrey said...

I LOVE DAPHNE!!!! How fun that you guys got to see each other! Daphne, you should come to Provo so I can see your scrapbooks and get enough ideas to carry me threw another 2 years!

Apocalypso aka Daphne said...

Holla! Dinner was so fun and I am hoping to visit Provo this "semester" so we'll have to plan a scrapbook night or something!

@Audrey Sweetheart: HI to the max!!! Maybe I'll put some pics of my scrapbook on my blog just for you.
www.idiotic-musings.blogspot.com (i think that's it).