Hockey Game

Monday, December 28, 2009

I know what you're thinking... You took Darbi to a hockey game?! Ok. Don't judge me. :) It was a blast and hilarious and we were super careful. I gotta break out of this obsessive routine someday right?

First of all... Darbi only poops like once a week now, right? So since she poops once a week.. when it comes.. it's a doosy. I'm not kidding! So why does she decide that she wants to poop at the hockey game??? UGH. So Mom and I head off to the bathroom. We sanitized everything, then laid down a mat and proceeded to clean up the dirty little mess D made. Then... I realized. I. FORGOT. THE. WIPES. I was dying laughing on the floor. But not really on the floor because that's dirty and gross. But almost. So Mom went and got some toilet paper and everyone was wondering what was wrong with me because I couldn't stop laughing. So. Gross.

But after that, it was really fun. We took ear plugs because it's so loud there. D didn't seem to mind at all. But she did decided she was hungry TWICE while we were there. Our seats were on the bottom level on the very last row so no one was behind us. I was able to nurse D secretly and she just looked like she was asleep under a large pile of blankets. We're sneaky.


She loved making noises with all those crazy loud songs they play.

She was exhausted after the game! She just wanted to snuggle and she only does that when she's sick. I love snuggling!!

We ran into one of my old friends from a loooong time ago at the hockey game! Brenton! We've known each other since my family moved to AZ from UT like 16 years ago. Good 'ol Peoria 1st ward! Funniest kid I've ever met! It was good to see him!

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