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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Today I spent the entire day cooped up in the house. UGH. I feel yucky. I think Darbi feels it too because she was SO fussy today! I didn't get anything done and I have a HUGE backache because she did not want to be put down. I think I need to get a baby sling for days like these. I'm not a big fan because I think that babies and mommies need time away from each other but this little one is too hard to say no to! I think I will try and venture out of the house on my own with her tomorrow. It's hard because I'm worried that if something goes off with her O2 tank, I can't get back to the house very fast. I could take a back up though..

My grandma came down yesterday and took Darbi and I to the eye doctor for our weekly Wednesday eye appointment. Once again, to no surprise, the Dr. was very pleased her eyes. She is still in Zone 2 but now she's mild Stage 2 on her ROP.

She's started to be VERY very spitty. It's so bad that it sounds like she's got a stuffy nose and can't breathe! It keeps me up every night because I think she's choking or that she's about to wake up. She blows bubbles and everything! I think she's kind of ahead developmentally here. From what I've read, most babies start doing this around 1 or 2 months. Adjusted, she's about 2 1/2 weeks. She's had so much practice with all the tubes in her mouth for the last few months that she already has become familiar with what she's supposed to do with her mouth. Blowing bubbles and making noises is one of the very first steps to talking. Now she won't be talking in a week but I'm imagining it will be earlier... for her at least.

Sorry no pictures today. The lighting in my house isn't very good and they all turn out pretty yellow. Maybe on the walk tomorrow I can get some good ones.

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The Lewis Family said...

I started out as the opposite, didn't want to leave my babe, didn't think I needed me time, but I was wrong, graned it took two kids later to figure that out :) Keeps you sane to get out, the girls that Jasmin plays with, the mommy's have a night once a month, and it helps. I know you and I have never met, but if ever you wanted to scrapbook ( Clint told me you are in to that ) it would be a perfect meeting thing to do :)
I honestly have more supplies than I could use, so used to do a church scrapbook night but it kind of fell through, so for real, this is an earnest offer, give a shout my way if you need out and want to do that :)


Megan B said...

i'm so pleased that her ROP continues to improve. Miracles abound for the little princess. I can't wait to join you in your hibernating place later this week :)