Nobody likes getting shots

Monday, May 11, 2009

It's immunization day. Doesn't that picture just break your heart? She's asleep on my chest right now but every 15 minutes or so, she wakes up with an outburst of painful cries. We gave her some Tylenol but she's still upset. We had our first well check appointment today and she weighed in at 6 pounds 1.5 ounces! That means she has gained half a pound in a week! That's a little over an ounce a day! They really do start doing better when they come home! She's still small. For her age, she is under the 3rd percentile for height and weight. We are on our way though!

Right now, Darbi is still on 1/4 Liter of O2 and in 2 weeks, our doctor wants to turn her down to 1/8. If she does well with that, we go to 1/16, then to 1/32, then to only oxygen while she's eating... and then NO oxygen. We're on our way in that department too. The doctor said she's looking really good and is very impressed with how she's doing considering she's our special little 23 weeker. We see him again in 1 month if all goes well!

Today was the first day I have officially gotten ready (like completely done up hair and make up). It feels good. I've kept myself pretty cooped up in our bedroom most of the time because Darbi's heart monitor and extremely long O2 cable has to go with her everywhere. We can't have that cable getting kinked so she and I stay in our room together. I think I may venture into the 2nd bedroom tomorrow while she's napping to get some things organized.. We'll see.

Clint and I spent his birthday and Mother's Day getting caught up on Chuck. Now I'm having Chuck withdrawls! NBC is thinking about pulling the plug for next season on Chuck and Clint and I are super bummed! We need some outside time though so a summer break from all our shows will be good. Being cooped up like this has us both going a little stir crazy.

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Megan B ♥ said...

Ack!! What a sad sad face! 6 pounds??? Wonderful! Good job, Darbs! You're gonna pass Crew at this rate :) I can't believe you get a whole month off without doctor visits! We saw him every week for the first month, I think, and then every two weeks. LOL, we're finally on the monthly visits now :) Kudos, big girl!

Becky Bean said...

Can't they come up with a nicer way to give shots???! I love how much she's growing!! I just sent you an email, btw, so check it!

Karalee said...

Poor girl. Shots are no fun. Joshua cried in his sleep after he was circumsided. I think he was dreaming about it. I am impressed that you don't have to go in for a month. We had weekly weight checks for a while. She is getting big fast. Good job.