Round 2 - 12 or 24?

Friday, May 1, 2009

After a very successful day of feeding, we will probably go for Round 2 tomorrow. Either a 24-hour on request feeding or another 12-hour. I've got this thing with Bountiful Baskets on Saturday morning. BTW- If you live in UT or AZ you've got to check this out. For $15 ($18 the first time) you get a basket FULL of produce!! It's always a random mix of produce and you really don't know what you are going to get but it's always top quality produce! PLUS the bread?? So good. I swear by it!

Anyway, when the nurse was bathing her tonight around 11, she was sucking on her knuckles way hard (which was right before her feeding). She's SO ready to come home! ACK. My house feels too dirty to have have a baby like her coming home! I need to clean like crazy I think.. Clint and I went to get our fajitas.. and the Grill was closed. :( We were too late. No fajitas. So we went to see Paul Blart at the Dollar Theater. DUMB but dang funny.. That guy in that movie... I forget his name. FU-NNY!!

Clint's birthday is on May 9th and we usually do a movie thing all day at the theaters but this year.. we will be doing things a bit differently. We're thinking of just staying home and watching movies all day (with Darbi!) but we have recently gotten hooked on Chuck. And by recently, I mean we just finished watching the pilot episode... like 5 minutes ago. I think we will be having a Chuck marathon. :) That show is funny! And catchy!

2 Wisecracks:

Megan B said...

Justin and Clint share a birthday. Oh, ha ha ha! We like Chuck too :)

Lindseyo said...

I also am a big fan of Chuck, i've watched it since day 1!