So much to do!

Friday, May 1, 2009

I have no time to do anything and it's all happening SO FAST!! This discharge thing just creeps up on you!! Today, no surprise, she ROCKED her feedings again. For her 4:30 feeding (Jen you will appreciate this...) she took 78!! 78?!?!?! My chunky monkey likes to eat!! Tomorrow is the 24 hour on demand and then Sunday will be our Room In day. I still have to:

- clean/vacuum the Honda
- sort junk in hallway
- make/write thank you cards
- move crib into bedroom
- buy more soap/Purell
- sort/do laundry
- rearrange bedroom
- put away Darbi's gifts from the showers
- move milk into freezer
- take pictures with our favorite nurses
- clean out the fridge
- clean my house

ACK. No time no time no time!! I'm really not too worried about it though. Once Darbi comes home, I will have all the time to do it.. (when we're not snuggling!) It kind of hit me hard today that we really are leaving! Darbi's Primary day shift nurse, Shelly, doesn't work until later next week so this really is the last time we will see her for a while!! We love Shelly and it will be so weird not going to the NICU every day. If we were still up at PCMC, I could care less about leaving because it's so dang far away. Down here, it really is a second home to us now and we love the people we get to see everyday! Oh I'm getting kind of sad.. We will for sure come back and visit though!!

So Darbi has an umbilical hernia. It's actually kinda funny. Clint hadn't seen it until a few days ago and when we took her pants off to change her diaper he saw it and freaked out!! It's like the movie Alien! They said it will probably need to be surgically fixed down the road but it's nothing to worry about and it may even fix itself in time. It doesn't hurt her at all but it looks so crazy!!

4 Wisecracks:

Nic and Ashley Haws said...

waaaaaaahhhhhhhooooooooooooo! That is sooooo great!!! I am SO cheering for you guys!

I am here if you honestly need ANYTHING. I'll even move your furniture for you (ha! What a joke that'd be!)!

Heidi, Andy, & Brayden said...

Darbi, You totally ROCK! Happy 4 month birthday.

Love, Aunt Heidi

Megan B said...

Wow, that DOES look crazy indeed! I can't believe it! DARBI is COMING HOME!!!

The Lewis Family said...

Sam's club or costco you can get a grande size bottle of hand sanitizer, just fyi :)