Memorial Day Weekend

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Mom & Dad came up from Phoenix for Memorial Day to stay with us and see Darbi last weekend. This was the first time my Dad has ever held her and I think she's got him under her spell. I think he's a fan. :) We also stayed at my Grandma's house Sunday night with Darbi and it was her first time away from home aside from the whole 4 month hospital stay. We practically had to pack up the whole house to make sure we got everything she needed just in case. I don't know what her deal was.. maybe it was because she was getting so much extra attention but both Saturday and Sunday night she was awake the WHOLE night!! I got an hour and a half of sleep both nights! So Monday, when we came back I was SO tired. We got back late because we had a minor car emergency and Clint had to change the oil in the car at like 8:00. Anyway, I was dreading the night because I was so tired. BUT she slept 8 hours and only got up once!! And that one time, she didn't cry when I changed her (she ALWAYS cries when I change her diaper), ate, burped, and went right back to sleep. No problem. It was amazing. I think this weekend wore her out! I was so tired that there was one point in the night when I got up and was sorta sleep walking around the room rambling to Clint about something.. I kept thinking that I was forgetting to do something. I was so loopy and so tired. She had to make up for being so naughty the 2 nights before.

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