Sleeping Beauty

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Her sleep patterns are starting to make me nervous. The doctor's have told me to not let her go longer than 4 hours between feedings. I'm assuming because she is so small and needs as many possible calories in a 24 hour period as she can get. On Thursday night, she went 5 hours between a feeding because she was so tired! I was super excited and not-at-all worried because I figured that a little treat like that (more mommy-sleep-time) is good for me every now and then and probably ok for her. SO, Friday was not a good sleep night for her and I took many naps yesterday to play catch up. That's normal for us so I figured we were back on our mommy-gets-no-sleep-schedule. No big. Last night, I put her down around midnight and she didn't wake up until 5! Awesome, I thought. So I made sure to set my phone alarm for 8 because I didn't want her sleeping forever again. I guess I turned my alarm off because here I go waking up at 9:45!!!! And not because I hear baby cries.. it's because there's sun in my face. SHE wasn't even awake!! I had to actually wake her up. I'm kinda nervous now though. I'm secretly hoping she wants to eat every 2 hours now to make up for that. I've watched other mom's of super-cute-babies go through the finally-sleeping-through-the-night-phase and figured that my time would come but not until like November or something. ACK. I hope she keeps growing! I know she needs sleep to grow but having a NICU baby taints everything you think you know about having a regular baby!! I question EVERYTHING now. So Clint gave her a fortified bottle at 10 and it's 10:45 and she's passed out again in my lap. I guess I need to take advantage of this but I do feel extraordinarily rested..

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Megan B said...

The NICU poisons all reason, doesn't it?

My view (and I just know everything, right?) is that if she continues to grow appropriately, I wouldn't worry about it. They told me not to let Crew go more than 4 hours either. If she is growing, no big deal. If she's not, that's different. But long periods of sleep is also VERY important to growth, so it's kind of a balancing act. I say don't sweat it IF she is growing appropriately 20-30 cc's per day (remember your fatty milk!)

Megan B said...

Oh, and it seemed that even early on, Crew would sometimes have days where he would eat and eat and eat AND eat and other days when he wouldn't eat much at all and would sleeeeeeeeeeeep and sleep. He still does it sometimes. I figure they were just two different kinds of growth spurts. But he continues to average perfect growth patterns, so we all just shrug our shoulders and call it good. In fact, at the neonatal clinic last week, I documented how much he eats and he doesn't eat as much as he "should" by their charts calculations, but he's growing perfectly so no one is concerned.

And I mean 20-30 grams :) How often does this little princess get weighed, anyway? Is your ped following that at all?

Justina Selim said...

I am still waiting for Eva to be a better sleeper, haha! Curious, how do u know Tara? I went to beauty school with her! Small world.