LAST Hearing Test

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

We had Darbi's #4 hearing test this morning.. and we PASSED!!! It's about time I say! After, we went up to the NICU, or "old haunt" as some like to call it, to see some of our most favorite nurses! With the piggy-flu being everywhere, they wouldn't let us 10 feet past the elevators for fear we might bring it in with us. We had to have our reunion in the cold little room with the elevators because no children were allowed on the floor. It was totally fine with us though.. I'd be in a murgerous rage if someone came in with it and possibly endangering my baby.. Because it had to be a quick visit, I didn't have time to get pictures with Miss D and her faves. We may have to wait for the NICU reunion next year.. when Darbi will be walking.. YIKES.

2 Wisecracks:

Megan B said...

Since I'm not on the reunion invite list because of the unfortunate circumstances of my discharge (ahem), you'll have to let me know next year...

CONGRATS on the hearing test!! Though I was perfectly willing to learn sign language to speak with her :)

And can I just say that I still love that you call it the piggy flu? I totally say that now.

Alison said...

yea for no more hearing tests!!! what wonderful news!!