Six Months

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Today is Miss Darbi's half-birthday! 6 months actual and 2 months adjusted. I cannot believe it is already JULY. Throughout the whole hospital experience, I never imagined what life would actually be like with her home EVER. At that point, it was all about the hospital and taking life day to day to day. Now, it's about measuring her life by months which, I'm just now realizing, is REALLY weird!!

Right now, you love:

- being held
- being held
- laying against our chests
- bathtime before the bathing part begins
- heat packs for tummy aches
- sleeping on your side
- staring at any lights
- to smile at Daddy when he makes funny sounds
- your bink
- pooping your pants ONLY when Mommy is home so Daddy doesn't have to change you >:(
- laying in your Nap Nanny

Right now, you are:

- 6 months old actually
2 months old adjusted
- wearing Newborn diapers
- wearing Newborn size clothes but because of your heart monitor strap around your chest, you can fit into 0-3 month clothing
- so happy in the morning when you wake up and give me smiles all day until about 7:00 when "play time is over" (I swear.. That 70's Show can apply to EVERY part of my life! Sorry.. and on we go...)
- at least 8 pounds.. I'm thinking closer to 9 though.

Right now, you can:

- follow me around the room with your eyes
- smile
- slurp on your hands when Mommy doesn't want to find your bink
- pull out your cannula.. because you act like your nose is itchy and when I check back after you're done "scratching" your nose.. it's on top of your nose or in your mouth.
- sleep for at least 6 hours consistently through the night (we've gotten up to 8 once!)
- eat 4 ounces from a bottle in one sitting
- have a "cooing conversation" with me - but only when you are being extremely attentive

In the last 6 months, you have:

- gained at least 8 pounds
- grown 8 inches
- lived in the hospital longer than you've lived at home
- shown us that your eyes will be BROWN
- charmed our lives with your sweet sweet spirit

With my roommates we have a tradition where we always celebrate everyone's HALF birthday's. Who doesn't love "cake in a jar" every chance you get?? Maybe I'll post about "cake
in a jar" someday. It's GLORIOUS!! So from now on.. we will celebrate:
January 1st - Darbi's actual birthday
April 25th - Darbi's due date
July 1st - Darbi's half actual birthday
October 25th - Darbi's half adjusted age birthday

I will post some pictures tomorrow of her and her 6 month old self. This was a picture I snapped today with my phone on my way out the door to go to work. Clint was holding her with her bink and she was looking too cute. I love this little girl!

Happy 6 Months Baby Girl!!

4 Wisecracks:

Alison said...

it is so hard for me to wrap my head around just how tiny she is... but that picture of her with Clint really makes her look so tiny!!!

Happy 1/2 birthday little girl!!

Broadhead said...

You guys have such an amazing story and the sweetest little girl. I really enjoyed looking through your blog, thanks for directing me here Clint.

Megan B said...

I can't believe it! What a big girl already! I love how she is holding her little bink. MMmmmm.... cake on a fork sounds like a good story, so I'd love to hear about it in a jar.

Lindseyo said...

hip hip hooray for half birthdays and cake in a jar!!! Of and happy actual birthday tomorrow!