Straight Up Daddy's Girl

Sunday, July 19, 2009

It's official. She knows her Daddy and she knows when she WANTS her Daddy. The past few days, I feel like everything I know about my own kid means nothing. Everything that has worked in the past to calm her down DOESN'T WORK ANYMORE. But the minute I had her over, she STOPS CRYING. It's like an on/off switch. With me, arms and legs are flailing, she's screaming so hard that her voice is cracking, and there are real tears. I mean.. honestly. What did I ever do to her??? With him, she's relaxed, breathing slow, no tears. It's amazing. She just wants Dad to hold her. Simple as that. And I love it. :)

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Shari Romney Family!! said...

Just like Mommys need breaks from their babies, babies need breaks from their Mommys! I love it when they want their Daddys! Somedays my little ones just act up to horribly and then the second Daddy comes home or we go to Grandmas they are wonderful. We all need breaks! (including babies)
Darbi is so cute!