A visit from Aunt Amy

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Aunt Amy (D's great) came up from the Grand Canyon for the week and stopped by to see Darbi. Thankfully, my Grandma was willing to watch her kids for her so she could get away and come see D germ free. I'm dying to see her kids but unfortunately, we still can't take any chances.. ANYWAY. When she got here, I had Darbi in my sling (which I LOVE by the way.. post on that to come. I need to get a good picture of me not looking nasty one of these days..) and before I handed her over, Amy took a quick peek and Darbi was just waking up. Now Darbi is just beginning to smile on a regular basis for us.. it took her all of 2 seconds to realize that she was a fan of Amy and gave her a little smirk. It was AWESOME! There was no coaxing or anything. We sat and chatted for a long while and D fell asleep in her arms. She's a sucker for a snuggler..

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