BEST DAY EVER.. really!!!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Best Day Ever Reason #1

Today we got a freezer... FOR FREE!!! We found an ad on KSL for a 10 cubit foot freezer so Clint called them this morning. It's only 3 years old and is perfect! They had someone coming around 3 today to look at it and Clint said we would come over right now. They said yes.. and we loved it.. and it's ours!! Now we have a place of our own to store the ridiculous amounts of milk I'm making!

Best Day Ever Reason #2

Clint had a job interview today... and HE GOT THE JOB!!! He starts Monday and he will be a parking attendant for UVU. He is the bad guy that gives out the tickets to all of those dumb people who can't read parking signs. I think he will find this job very satisfying and I'm excited for the stories he will come home with! It works perfect with his schedule and he will be home every evening to hit the hospital and hang out with me and Darbi.

Best Day Ever Reason #3

Darbi was moved from an oscillator to a regular ventilator! An oscillator is usually used for the really small preemies whose lungs are extremely underdeveloped. It's much more gentle on their lungs and pumps about 600 breaths a minute into their lungs which actually keeps their lungs almost always open. It prevents them from sticking together and becoming more damaged. Now because she is older and her lungs are stronger, she is on a regular ventilator which pumps in breaths just like normal. She can still breathe on her own with this machine but it's there to help when she forgets to breathe... So this means.. I got to hold her FOR REAL today!! Like really really hold her! My nurse said from now on, as long as she can handle it, I can hold her twice a day for about 30 minutes each time. The reason being, her body has a hard time staying warm outside of the isolette. She did SO well while I was holding her, they gave me *bonus* time with her and I held her for an hour... An hour of sweet bliss.. And she loved every minute of it! She did not fuss at all and was absolutely content to just sleep in my arms.. I'll be going back tonight to hold her again. It would be Clint's turn but he had a cold last week and wants to be for sure for sure he has no more sick germs on him. We will be starting skin to skin care as soon as she's for sure better from whatever infection they think she may have.. When we start that, we can hold her for up to 1.5 hours at a time!

Yesterday made the start of this weekend look a little bleak but now... I'm so happy! They weren't kidding when they talk about what a roller coaster ride the NICU is. From a little low to way high is the only way to go! This will probably help her to start growing faster.. I'll be cheering her on from a rocking chair with her in my arms!!

Our first real family photo

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Nic and Ashley Haws said...

OH MY GOSH!!! YOU TOTALLY DESERVE THIS! I'm sure Darbi loved every SECOND of being in your arms! I am so happy for you! All three of you deserve a "Best Day"!

I'm so happy to hear that Clint was hired on at UVU! Does this mean that tuition is free for him? I've heard that if you work for the college then tuition is waived...? Not sure though. That would be such a blessing! I'm just so happy that he found a job!

And YAY for your new freezer! That's so great! I was a COW when I was pumping (seriously). The lactation specialist up at Primarys always recognizes me because she was shocked at how much I produced. CRAZY STUFF! I'm so glad you now have more storage space. Your Darbi will greatly benefit from your hours and hours of staring at that horrible machine.

Please let me know if you need anything! Dinner? Cleaning? I'm here and happy to help in any way!

sue said...

Hi Clint and Audrey...My heart is so full of joy as I look at the sweet pictures of you actually holding and cuddling your sweet baby girl.
what a blessing!!! As she feels your "Mommy's heart" beating she can't help but get stronger and healthier. I love the family picture...all you needed in there was a little puppy to complete the scene. Love you all so much...hang in there. I know this must be draining, but remember that you are not alone.
By the way...congtrats on the new job Clint.
Love ya, Aunt Sue

Megan B said...

Hip hip, HOORAY!! What a wonderful, amazing, fantastic day all around! I'm so happy for ALL of you. And an HOUR, that's so great!! I'm so pleased that she tolerated so well her first adventure out of the isolette. She's SUCH a superstar. I've been giddy all afternoon! I had to call Justin and tell him the great news! He says congrats :) I'll be careful where I park from now on though...

Jessica Gonzalez said...

She looks so happy in that middle picture! She must LOVE being held by her mom!!!

Becky Bean said...

Hoorrayy!!!! I'm so bloomin happy!