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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Darbi is doing SO well right now! I'm a little afraid of updating on all of her wonderful accomplishments for fear that soon she will undo it all and take a few steps backwards. I'll take the chance. We are so proud of her! She sailed through both of her heart surgeries and is recovering nicely. Her blood pressure has become stronger (because of the vein closing) and her oxygen need has decreased a ton. She got as low as 24% yesterday (consistently... even 22% for a few minutes). We breathe 21% oxygen. They stopped her Nitric Oxide treatment this morning and she seems to be doing great without it. The reason for it was to help prevent any more damage being done to her lungs (which resulted in her Chronic Lung Disease). She's got her first eye appointment coming up soon and we will find out how they are developing at that point. Let's not worry about it until then though. They have started to increase her fluids and now that her PDA is closed, she can have a lot more. More milk = more calories!! The nurses tried to explain to me how much more weight she will gain now and this is how they did it so I would understand: before the PDA surgery, she was gaining about 1% of her weight a day, after the PDA surgery, she will be gaining about 15% of her weight a day. That's HUGE!! I'm going to have a fat baby soon! Ok, maybe not soon, but fairly soon.

BUT, the big news... as long as Darbi does well.. they will be sending her "home" tomorrow!! Not home home.. but home to our referring hospital. SO great! She will be closer to us and I can finally keep my house clean and not be spending so much on gas! Brenda, one of our fave nurses from Utah Valley, was working up at Primary as she is working on getting her Masters, and on Thursday I asked her how soon we could get Darbi back down there. She said she would bring it up in rounds the next day with the Doctor and she called me Friday at 11 with the great news!! She kinda felt bad because I got WAY excited but this all depends on how Darbi does.. so far so good! We just have to get through the night now!

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Aimee said...

SO happy to hear such great news! It's exhilarating when these preemies start doing well, isn't it? We continue to keep you guys in our prayers!

Suzanne said...

Hey guys, it's good to hear that your sweet little girl is making such great progress!! And it's great news that she's coming down to Orem tomorrow. We're thinking of you guys!