Please keep my baby clean

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Surgery is still a go for tomorrow. I'll get a phone call after 5pm today letting me know exactly when. She weighed 700 grams yesterday and hopefully after this surgery she'll just take off in the fat gaining rocket.. Fat gaining rocket?? Where do I come up with this stuff?

Her arterial line in her arm went bad on Monday and they haven't replaced it yet. It was in the left arm near her Picc line. So, when the arterial line was taken out, there was blood that got on her arm that apparently didn't get all cleaned up. Then, they taped it all up with unneccessary tape which ended up being too tight and was making her pinky finger swell up and turn all red. I said something today and the nurse said she didn't notice it and decided to change the dressing right then, which I was grateful for. I wish it was taken care of in the first place though. It had to be done very carefully though so as not to mess up the placement of the Picc line and an x-ray was ordered to double check the placement later. Seems like a lot to have to do after the fact when if it had been done correctly the first time, all could have been avoided. Whatever. Let's get this PDA healed, grow a bunch, and come home!

The ugly mess of tape and dried blood :(

Changing the dressing

Clean, happy baby!

I've got about 20 pictures with her sleeping where her hand is just sitting like that with one finger pointing out.. Weird kid. :)

3 Wisecracks:

Megan B said...

Way to go, Mama! Such a good little advocate; Darbi is so lucky.

I am sending many fatso prayers her direction... Crew told me on the phone today that he'll love her even when she's fat.

The Howick Family said...

She's saying, "now listen here!" you guys are awesome. Love all the updates, Audrey!

Becky Bean said...

Have you checked to see what she's pointing at??? :)