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Saturday, February 28, 2009

We are OFF of the ventilator... YES I said off. COMPLETELY. Can you believe it??? She was on the regular ventilator for one day. She's A-MAZ-ING. The nurse called me this morning and said get in here because you've got another big day ahead of you!! We have graduated to the CPAP. I'm not a huge fan of the CPAP because it makes her face all scrunched and she looks like an elephant and she has to wear this awesome head gear thing that makes her look like a wrestler from the '70's. BUT now she has nothing down her throat which means we can finally hear her cry! Her voice is real scratchy right now but it will get better and she'll be howling like one of your own.

So this CPAP is a little machine that has 2 spokes that go up her nose a little bit and it just pushes air into her lungs. She takes her own breaths but this helps to push her lungs a open a little bit more. If she doesn't tolerate this then they will have to intubate her again and we will be back on the vent. Right after they tried the CPAP, she was not having it so they quickly decided to try skin to skin to see if that would help her calm down. It totally did and I had her on my chest holding her for an hour again! It was awesome! Hopefully she's recognizing my heartbeat and my smell and knows that I'm her mommy.. She seemed pretty happy.

Don't worry.. there were no nip slips. These photos are rated 'G'. :)

Here's a video of my growling elephant baby. They were adjusting the tube in her mouth and you can kind of hear her cry.. It sounds like a growl but she will soon get her voice back and she will sound better.

4 Wisecracks:

Megan B said...

She does sound like a raspy little lion!! I'm so thrilled to pieces that she's off! What a rock star she is! GOOooooOOO Darbi!

Karalee said...

Yay for Darbi! That is wonderful that she is breathing, and that you can hold her. What a great couple of days for your family.

rachel b. said...

Yay! Darbi's on a roll! I'm so glad you finally got to hold her--that must have been amazing!

Daniel and Shari Romney said...

That is such exciting news! Im so happy for you guys!