She's happy and she's pooping!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The last few days have been pretty quiet in Darbi's neighborhood. Every time I call, she's happy, she's eating, she's pooping, and she's growing! Tonight she weighed 1010 so she has broken the 1000 mark! 2 pounds 4 ounces! She does still have some lung issues that we are dealing with. This morning, on her x-ray, the doctor noticed some atelectasis in the upper portion of her right lung. This happens often in micro preemies where the lung will collapse itself temporarily so they have positioned her with her right side up so as to help inflate that lung as much as possible. Her lung will require some extra suctioning and a little more pressure being pumped into her lungs but nothing too serious. She also has osteopenia precautions on her which means her bones are extra sensitive to breakage. They are doing some blood tests to see if she has Ricketts Disease. Also not too serious.. She will just need a little extra Vitamin D in her diet and she'll catch up soon.

Yesterday I was changing her before they weighed her and she DEFINITELY filled up her diaper... I've never seen that much come out of her! I was so proud and disgusted at the same time! She is getting 20cc's every 3 hours at 26 calories per serving so it does have to go somewhere.

We actually heard her for the first time yesterday too!! I've never heard her make a sound and she was making really really quiet grunting noises yesterday. The reason we can't hear her is because of the breathing tube she has down her throat but the respiratory therapist said that she is starting to grow out of the tube and there may be a little air leak. No big though.. It was so sweet!

My mom flew into town and we got my scrapbook/Clint's "man cave" organized so now I can get really crafty! Thanks Mom! And tomorrow is my 6 week "hoo-hoo doctor" appointment. Hopefully I can get completely off of the BP medicine. I'm ready to not have to see the doctor for a while (at least until Darbi comes home.. We'll be there often I'm sure.)

Clint changing her diaper for the first time.

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Alison said...

Wonderful news!!!

Congrats on the poo!! Yea for Darbi!

Nic and Ashley Haws said...

Darbi is so adorable! She looks like she's growing so fast! What a little sweetheart!

I hope you guys are doing well. I'm glad you got your spare room organized! Wahoo!

Take Care!

sue said...

Sweet, sweet, baby...sweet, sweet Mommy and Daddy! I love your family blog. It's the first thing I check in the morning and the last thing I check at night. My love and prayers are always with you.
Aunt Sue

Courtney said...


Daniel and Shari Romney said...

That is do great!! I love this picture of her with her eyes open. You can tell she has such a sweet strong spirit. Thats so good that she is now gaining some weight. Hopefully by the end of this next month she will be double the weight that she is now!
~Shari Romney`

Megan B said...

Movin' right along, chug a chug... I'm so proud of her breaking the big 1000! Crew had his lobe collapse before and it ended up popping back open by the next shift. It truly ended up being no big deal. Sounds so scary though! Tell us more about the bones thing. Why do they suspect that? Has she broken any or do her bones just look really thin on the x-rays? I just looked up Rickets and she certainly seems in the right category, considering how little milk she's been allowed up until now. I'm so pleased that she is tolerating 26 cal! I actually didn't even know they went up that high! Crew remains on 22 and we're not going to rock the boat. Yet. he's been constipated because of the increase in formula AND the iron drops, so if that ever clears up I might try him on 24 cal. He didn't do well before but now he's bigger, stronger, etc. Her wee little eyes are SO PRETTY!! What do they say about their hope for her to get off the ventilator when this lobe reopens? Are we close? Ish? Maybe? I wanna hear her wee little voicebox! Good luck at the hoo-hoo doc. That's always a treat :)

Debbie, Taylor and Raygan said...

She is looking so good and healthy, it's amazing what an extra pound will do for a little baby! The girls and I love reading your blog and seeing the new pictures. We love you all very much and continue to pray for Darbi. Love Debbie, Taylor and Raygan

Angie said...

She's getting so big! I think it's so cute you heard her grunting. That makes me laugh.

Glad you can get to scrapbooking!!

Aimee said...

She's so adorable! YAY for poop! :)

Suzanne said...

"Proud and disgusted at the same time"... you have just described parenthood. Glad she's doing so well!!