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Monday, April 20, 2009

Baby shower #2! Seriously the cutest thing ever!! Becky, Cheryl, and Linds (3 of the 6 original 104 A. Richards crew) threw me an "Early Bird" shower on Saturday and everything was so cute! They are all so creative and I have to share some of the dang cute ideas they had.. LOVED IT!! Thank you guys!!!

Acckk! I don't know where all my pictures are! I thought I got them all from my mom but oh well.. here's what I do have!

Cheryl had to leave early for a Final.
Audrey, Linds, Becky, & Grace
The babies of the shower!! They were honorary guests since Darbi couldn't come.

Grace - Darbi's BFF

Crew (he's up to 9 pounds!!) - Darbi's future boyfriend. :)

Those sweet eyes are wishin' they coulda been there!

3 Wisecracks:

Becky Bean said...

Ok, seriously? That last picture? I just want to smooch those cheeky weeky cheekypoos! Argh! What a sweetheart!

Megan B said...

So much fun! And that last picture is amazing. She's getting so big and I just love her gigantic, alert eyes!

Megan B said...

Ahem. And I just love the cleavage on Crew's mom. Hubba, hubba!