In a crib FINALLY

Monday, April 20, 2009

Day 110 and we're in a crib! She's doing really well in it too. No fussing or anything and they have her laying on a Boppy to help with the acid reflux. Tonight or tomorrow night she is supposed to have a PCG5 test which will test 5 different things to make everything is doing alright. It tests her acid reflux, and also something to do with Central Apnea. Those are the 2 major things.. but I can't remember the rest. This is one of the last things we need to do before we come home.. also on the list is a CPR class, the Car Seat test, another hearing test, and... I can't remember.

BUT we've got a lot done! The feeding thing is posing problems though. Sunday, we went to 3 times a day feeding. Sunday morning, mom and I came at 8 and she slept through the whole feeding. ARGH. Oh well I said.. We'll do better at 5 and 11.. Did we? Well not for the 5:00 feeding. 11:00 went alright. So today I got up and went in at 8:00 am again.. SHE SLEPT. 2:00 - SHE SLEPT. 8:00 - SHE SLEPT!!!!! Really?? What's going on? I asked the nurse and she said that she isn't sick so they are thinking it might possibly be a growth spurt. Most babies eat more through a growth spurt but sometimes special NICU babies tend to sleep more.

Her hemoglobin levels have been a little bit low lately so that can also cause her to be more tired than normal. The nurse said that the doctor will probably increase the amount of iron she gets and that will hopefully help. I'm wondering if she is just backwards on her schedule; asleep during the day, awake at night. I'll just keep at the schedule I've got going and hopefully she will turn herself around.

And.. eye appointment tomorrow (or Wednesday... who knows, maybe Thursday).

OHHH!! Clint surprised me with a fun present today! :) He told me that since we found out we were pregnant, he's been putting a little bit of money away to save up for a "thank you for having my baby" present and when we had Darbi early, that got put on hold. He remembered the other day and knew I'd been eyeing this diaper bag for a little while.. He surprised me with it today!! I LOVE it!! It hooks right on to the stroller and it even matches the stroller! Thanks hun!

It's the green/brown one. Not the polka dotty one.

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Nic and Ashley Haws said...

A CRIB! That's so awesome! And that diaper bag is sooooo cute! Love it!

Those pix with your hubby's ring are priceless. These are pictures that Darbi will be AMAZED to see. She's a little miracle!

Karalee said...

You are getting close. Hang on there with the nursing, I think it was one of the hardest things for me because you are so close to going home, and I wanted to tell Joshua just eat enough so you can go home. If its any consolation everytime we added a feeding with Joshua his amounts would go down for a while. It takes a while to build up the stamina. Also being anemic slows things down too. That was also another hicup we had too. She will get it.

Congrads on the crib.

Alison said...

I just sent my original diaper bag to DI. It was in incredible condition still (it was a Land's End) but soooooooooo outdated... and nothing nearly as cute as yours! Love your bag!

Oh, and don't ask why I kept it for so long...

Anxiously waiting to hear of Darbi's release date! Yea!!

Aimee said...

That mobile sure looks familiar! Connor's favorite - and still the main thing that helps him to settle down at night.

LOVE the JJ Cole bag - I have their System bag.

Nikki said...

you may or may not know how BRILLIANT it is to have a diaperbag that clips to the stroller?!?!? I never even thought of that - but that is AWESOME!! great present!

Megan B said...

Crew behaves the same way during growth spurts. Once in a while he eats and eats but most of hte time when I suspect he's growth spurting he doesn't eat so much and just sleeeeeeps for days. I think it can go either way. Sleeping babies grow big and fat!