Heavy Drinker

Thursday, April 16, 2009

We are 2 ounces away from 5 pounds! Tomorrow is the night.. I feel it. We will pass the 5 pound mark tomorrow. (I hope..) And I'm telling you.. For being as small as she was, I really don't think there is any baby who has caught on to everything as well and as fast as Darbi has! She is an amazing little boob sucker! Ms. OT said that once she starts taking milk into the double digits consistently, we can try bottle feeding. She's going to be taking 2-3 bottles here at home a day because she needs a few to be fortified with the vitamins that she didn't get during the 3rd trimester. One of the requirements to get her home is she needs to take 75% of her feedings from either me breastfeeding or through a bottle. We are getting closer! So the reason for all of this rambling.. She has exponentially increased the amount of milk she is getting from me!

Yesterday morning: 15 grams
Yesterday evening: 25 grams
This morning: 19 grams
This evening: 36 grams

36?!?! YES!! That is 82% of her feeding!! I just pushed the last 8 grams in myself through her NG tube! She didn't even need the pump because there was so little! Ms. OT was super excited! She's the one who makes the call on when we go to a bottle so this is really good!

This is Darbi's new favorite way to sit after I feed her. She just cries and cries when I have her laying more flat. She's getting the milk in faster than she is used to so of course.. she gets gassy. She burps a lot throughout the whole feeding but I like snuggling like this so it's ok.

The eye doctor came yesterday and said that he will come again to check her in a week. She is still the same and now that he wants to come in a week instead of 3-4 days is a good thing. In his report, he wrote that in 2 weeks he wants to -----------------. He wants to what, you ask??? I have no idea!!! NO ONE can read his chicken scratch.. It's just bad doctor scribble.. it's literally gobs of X's and O's.. It's another language I swear! So I'm thinking if she's still the same in 2 weeks, he will either just do the surgery, or call her good and out of the woods and say we're ok to just have weekly checkups in his office after she comes home. We'll find out next Wednesday what the secret message in Darbi's file says...

2 Wisecracks:

Alison said...

first, i love the title of this post.

second, i love the darling picture of miss darbi resting against you.

third, wonderful wonderful news! yea for darbi.

and fourth... i hate lists like this. what was i thinking?

Megan B said...

Beautiful picture and YAY YAY YAY for breastfeeding progress! What a great little sucker fish you have! So p[roud of you, Darbs!