Darbi's first bottle

Friday, April 24, 2009

Today we skipped our 3rd breastfeeding session to try a bottle. Ms. OT wanted Clint to give it to her so my Mom and Grandma met us there to document it all! Get ready to roll your eyes.. because yes. My daughter is amazing. We all know it. It's hard not to get a big head about it! I'm sorry. She ROCKED the bottle. The bottle had 50cc's in it and she ate 40 of them! We considered that her entire feeding and called it a night. We didn't have to give any through her NG tube. We used a nipple that has a lower flow (smaller hole) so that it didn't choke her. The milk comes through easier in a bottle than it does through me when I breastfeed. She doesn't have to work as hard. I think she only choked twice but we handled it nicely and I don't think we will have any major problems with it! Tomorrow we will try again. So it's breastfeeding at 8:00 AM and PM and bottle feeding at 11:00 PM. We are skipping the 2:00 PM feeding because my Grandma and Mom are throwing me a shower! It's still weird to go and not have a baby and not be pregant but I, at least, have real pictures of my baby at my shower's where everyone else doesn't have that. So it's alright.

Sorry the pictures are blurry again. The lighting is really bad when they pull the curtain around us so it's the best I could do.

3 Wisecracks:

Alison said...

yea for Darbi!!

What awesome news. I think the pictures are great! Good lighting can be so overrated. *grin*

Megan B said...

Great pix and GREAT success! 40 cc's?? SERIOUSLY? Crew only got up there right at the very bitter end of our stay. They started him on 5 ccs, LOL! Then again, we never did get to "actual" breastfeeding. Yay for Darbi! What a ROCK STAR!!

Lindseyo said...

I can't tell but in the first picture it kind of looks like she might have some fuzz, is she getting hair?