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Monday, April 6, 2009

Darbi got a new bed today! It's not a crib like we think of one but actually a big plastic tub. They just moved her into it tonight (right after our breastfeeding time where she spit up on me major!) It is not temperature regulated so she's on her own there but she's been pretty consistant on her body temp. I think she'll do really well in this new bed. The only thing that might trip her up is all of the noise that her other bed kept out. She is still at an angle because of her reflux but I think it's getting better.. nobody has said much about it lately and I forget to ask.

Breastfeeding is going alright. It's extremely frustrating. I met with the lactation consultant today and also the occupational therapist. The lactation consultant taught me some more ways to hold her and also some of her triggers that mean she's doing well. It's just going to take a lot of practice and me remembering to have a good outlook. Neither of us know what we're doing so we're learning together.

She also had another eye appointment yesterday and the Doctor was pleasantly surprised! He can't believe she has held out so long and still hasn't needed surgery! Next check: sometimes later this week.

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Nic and Ashley Haws said...

She really is a sweetie! She is so cute!

I'm sorry I haven't called or anything in a while... I caught the nasty bug. :(

I hope Darbi sleeps well. Hope the noise doesn't bother her too much!

Hang in there with the breastfeeding. Things will work out.

Courtney said...

Oh, what a cutie!!!

Megan B said...

Yay for big girl beds!! Yay!! I have no advice on the breastfeeding, not like you were asking for it anyway, LOL. I'm so impressed with your efforts!

How much oxygen is she on these days? I forgot that with her ROP, that will affect my discharge vote :)

Toni said...

Look at those chubby cheeks!!! And hang in there with the breastfeeding. It's hard when they are so small, I remember. Good luck!

Becky Bean said...

Hooray!!! She's so grown up!

Nikki said...

she's a cute little bug. adorable. Can you bite her cheeks yet? 'cause... you'll want to bite her a lot... it's a mother's right.
Just so ya know... the "plastic tub bed" is the same that they use for full term babies! Yay for Darbi!

I would just like to say that if I knew it was ok to put your kids in a box - I would not have spent so much on a crib and bedding... just sayin

Ry Guy said...

I can't believe how much older she looks now!