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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Today, we weren't as lucky with the breastfeeding thing.. total ml's received: 5. :( Oh well. I'm noticing that at her 11:00 feedings she practically sleeps through the whole thing and doesn't eat. So tomorrow I'll try her 2:00 feeding to see if she'll do better. She's always awake for her night feedings though.

Darbi had a hearing test yesterday (Megan: do they do this close to discharge? or just when they get close to being 40 weeks?) She didn't pass though. :( The doc said that she can't hear those high frequency noises (he called it "peripheral abnormalities"). He said not to worry though. She probably just had some fluid in her ear that will be gone when they check again and she'll most likely be fine. I know sign language (a little..) so we're covered either way.

She is also still having some apnea spells. She cannot come home at all if she is having any apnea spells so they will try and increase her caffine a little to try and stimulate her little lungs so she doesn't forget to breath.

But.. the best news of all. She had another brain ultrasound today to check her brain bleeds. The doctor said they have completely resolved, they disappeared in February, and her brain looks normal!! SO happy!! It feels good to have that door closed. No more worrying about that (not like I did.. she's the perfect little baby).

Still no eye appointment. I'm so confused about that. Is it bad or not? Argh.

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Megan B said...

Good question on the hearing. I'm not sure when they do it. THOUGH, you should know that Tanner failed his hearing test. Twice. And I know Latvian sign language, would that be helpful? ;)

I didn't know that they wouldn't send her home if she was having any apneac spells. I thought they might send her home on an apnea monitor. Loud and clanging! I'm so happy about her great little brain! That is such good news!

I am SO SORRY about the breastfeeding. What a frustration.

, said...

Thats so good that her brain looks normal!! Don't be to worried on the hearing tests. Its very common for babies to not past the first time or even the second. I hope that things go better with the nursing and her apena. Im thinking of you!!