Times her birthweight by 5

Thursday, April 23, 2009

We have finally hit 5 pounds!! And just barely too. She is 5 pounds .5 ounces. I was brave today and asked one of our favorite nurses (who was charging today) when to expect Darbi coming home. I was thinking maybe 2 weeks? She said to plan on 4, at least. :( That way, if she comes home in 3 1/2 weeks we'll be happy. I was kinda bummed. That means we're into Memorial Day almost and I was sure she'd be home long before then. But, good news, we start bottle feeding tomorrow!! That means she's doing well enough with breastfeeding that it shouldn't confuse her to try a bottle. We will do it tomorrow night at 8:00 and Clint's going to give it to her. He will be doing most of the bottle feeding as I've got the breastfeeding thing down. They eye doctor came yesterday and said that he sees a spot on her right eye that has him concerned it may be turning into Plus Disease but not concerned enough to do surgery so the next check will likely be next Wednesday. I had the nurse tonight take a picture of me and Darbi with my camera phone because my camera battery was dead.. Happy 5 pounds Darbi!!

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The Alleman Family said...

Great news about hitting 5 lbs! Not so great news hearing that she is going to be calling the NICU home for 4 more weeks! Sorry I missed your shower last week- I spaced it big time! I will get your gift to you soon!

Alison said...

5 lbs... how wonderful!!! What great news.