Good & Bad

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Good news: Darbi latched on today and got 24ml from my left side alone!! That is half of her feeding!! She's getting 38ml every 3 hours. I was so happy! However, she did have 2 brady spells where I choked her with my supa-strong-flow but she recovered fairly quickly. She's having a hard time trying to suck, swallow, and breath all together so that's what happens when she forgets to breath; her heart stops. Or slows down. She's doing alright though. Meeting with Ms. OT was better today. I kinda started before she got there which made it easier for me to control the speed at which I got Darbi latched on. There was no screaming because we did it my way! Darbi was a happy little girl. I think I have to meet with her again tomorrow night though...

Bad news: Her eyes have gotten worse. :( She's at Zone 2 Stage 3 (or Stage 2 Zone 3). Anyway, the Doctor will be back tomorrow for another check and possible surgery into next week... or tomorrow. We never know.

Other good news: Clint and his brother made some SUPER yummy salsa today that I can't. stop. eating. Soooooooo goooooood.

4 Wisecracks:

hendywow said...

You have great instincts when it comes to nursing, just go with them!

Debbie, Taylor and Raygan said...

The OT's and nurses can only give advice on nursing, it is up to you and Darbi to figure out what works best for you! The nurse tried to tell me I was doing it all wrong with Raygan but trust me, I know my breasts and Raygan new how to get the milk!! Keep up the good work. We will keep praying for Darbi's eyes! Love you all!!!!!

Megan B said...

Maybe Darbs doesn't like your OT, heh, heh. :) Bummer about those eyes :( Keep us posted on that

Nic and Ashley Haws said...

You guys are so awesome! I'm so glad you and Darbi are such a good feeding team! :) That's so exciting!

I have been CONSTANTLY thinking of you. I need to come see you! I have been SUPER sick though and I didn't want to pass my germs to you, especially since you just recovered from this nasty stuff. But, I am so always thinking of you.

Hope Ms OT and all the many experiences she has to offer are to your liking... and to the liking of your sweet li'l Darbi.

Talk to you soon!